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I’m always trying to be positive and show you my best casino selections. But sometimes, you need to face the truth — some casinos are thieves. I add such places to my Blacklist to warn players. When you find a place with fantastic game variety and an awesome bonus offer, make sure it is not included in this dark selection. These casinos like to pretend to be warm and fuzzy. The Blacklist is based both on my own investigations and complaints of Australian users who shared their experience with me.

Casino users cannot withdraw their winnings for months. Lots of those who are registered on this website shared their negative experience on different forums and with me personally. I suggest you avoid 32Red at all costs.
This casino offers a dishonest affiliate program that is known for unethical business. In addition, many users complain about payout issues. All Star Slots Casino should be avoided by both gamblers or those who want to become a part of an affiliate program.
Many casino users complain that their payout requests are denied. In some cases, Casino blocks its users’ accounts instead of allowing them to withdraw their winnings.
You will certainly not enjoy playing games here. The customer support sucks. Plus, I constantly get complaints that the casino does not pay out.
Don’t ever play in this casino. There are always plenty of complaints about cancelled payout requests. Your chances to get the money you win are extremely low.
This is a casino with a very shady reputation. I don’t recommend anyone to deposit here since in this way, you are literally saying “Goodbye” to your money.
The casino has awful customer services where you hardly can get a response. It is also using shade payout tactics which is a good reason to add it to my blacklist.
It uses shady tactics and does not allow its players to make money withdrawals. The numerous complaints and my own experience made me add it to the blacklist.
Complaints about the payout issues at Euromoon Casino can be found practically on every online forum. I played here myself and saw all the pointless casino excuses which appear instead of my withdrawal request approval. Don’t play here as it’s just one big problem.
Wagering requirements for bonuses are impossible to wager. The terms for wagering are crazy. A lot of users write about depositing problems in this casino. I tested it myself and had the same situation. Avoid gambling here if you don’t want to be tricked.
Genting does not allow users to payout. There are always some problems that arise when it comes to making a withdrawal request. Users share a lot of creative excuses the casino uses to not give away the money.
The casino offers an unfair affiliate program. In addition, it tricks the users who won some money and want to withdraw it. High Noon Casino simply blocks their accounts and ignores emails.

Why My Blacklist of Online Casinos is Important

The main goal I set when creating this website was to share my gambling experience and protect other players from fraud and dishonesty of online casinos. There are various reasons why the casinos ended up on this list, but I can assure you that all members of this selection deserve such a place.

How Can a Casino Get into My Blacklist?
  • 🤷🏼‍♀️ Doubtful casinos
  • ⛔️ Blacklisted

Even one of these points is enough to spoil your gaming experience completely. 

I often receive complaints about dishonest casinos that do not pay out or steal their users’ data. Nevertheless, I want to warn you that any complaints about the casinos which are already on my Blacklist will be ignored. All the visitors to my website are already aware of the danger that is waiting for them in shady gaming places. There is no further action I can undertake. 

Another thing important to mention is that there is a good reason for every casino to be on my Blacklist. And of course, there should be a good reason (sufficient exculpatory evidence) to remove it from this selection. 

How Can a Casino Get into My Blacklist?

How Can a Casino Get into My Blacklist?

I have already told you about the four main reasons why casinos appear on my dark list. But if you haven’t read about such things before, you might need some clarification. Here it is.

1. The Use of Pirate Software

The Use of Pirate Software

I know that gambling is officially prohibited in Australia. However, this is not a reason to use pirated games. The casinos which choose Australian gamblers as their target audience do have the possibility to get licensed games from reputable developers. Or if they want to put less effort, they can simply move their websites to offshore platforms with no restrictions for their activity. 

In any case, playing games from non-licensed developers is a risk since you never know whether they are fair. Usually, casinos use such products just to get money from players who don’t check this information. 

There is quite an easy way to find out whether the casino you found offers pirate games. You just need to check the source code of a page and search for the host domain of a game. The point is, licensed games use the corresponding domains of their software developers.

2. The Absence of Payouts

The Absence of Payouts

Even if you come to a casino just to have fun, you do expect to win some money, right? What if I tell you that you do not always have the possibility to get the cash you won? Some casinos turn a withdrawal procedure into a nightmare for their users. They find hundreds of excuses not to pay out. As you understand, it ruins all the fun and makes players leave the place with a sad story behind. 

Let me tell you about the two most common strategies casinos use to fool their players. The first one is hidden in Terms and Conditions. Dishonest casino operators try to put there some rules which make it practically impossible to withdraw money. A gambler will always be told that he did not meet a certain requirement and thus can’t request a payout. 

The second thing dishonest casinos do is overuse the identity check. A player who has just won money can be asked to provide more and more documents until the time and effort invested in the procedure will exceed the winning pool, and the person will leave without taking the money from his balance.

3. Lack of Funds for Payments

Lack of Funds for Payments

Opening an online casino is hundreds of times easier than a land-based one. Basically, such a casino is just a website with games. Some companies decide to open it without making enough counting to find out that they do not have enough funds to pay for all the winnings of its players.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that the casinos are trying to fraud their gamblers. However, such an irresponsible approach does create a lot of problems for gamblers who want to get their money. Thus, there is absolutely no reason to spend your time and money in a casino that cannot pay out your winnings in time.

4. The Disclosure of Users` Private Data

The Disclosure of Users` Private Data

Private data has become a big problem in the new era of internet popularity. Therefore dishonest casino operators often hunt for personal information they can sell to spammers and other black-hat marketers.

Disclosure of users' personal data violates their privacy is quite common among online casinos. I believe this is a reason good enough to blacklist such places. A decent casino does not do such things to make more money. In my opinion, both sellers and buyers of personal information should be banned. If I find out that a certain casino does it to its players, I add it to my Blacklist and report it to a corresponding regulating authority such as Curacao. Crooks should be punished!

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