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About Me

Dave the dealerHi, my name is Dave. Welcome to my website! It is dedicated to online gambling and has everything to help you make a casino an additional income source in hard times.

Over the last seven years, I worked on cruise ships, first as a casino dealer, then as a manager. But suddenly the world turned upside-down this winter. Like many other people, I  lost my job due to the pandemic. Unfortunately, the only thing I was good at became unclaimed anymore.

So I decided to use my extensive knowledge of the gambling industry to earn at online casinos (I couldn’t do this before as it was forbidden by my job contract) and I was quite successful. Pretty soon, I realized how different casinos and gaming sites are. I clearly saw all their advantages and disadvantages. By the time I decided to run my own business, I had had a distinct idea of the perfect gaming site.

Besides the common for all such websites content, my site brings insights on how to distinguish rogue casinos from the casinos where you really can win good money.

About 80% of the criteria that I use when testing casinos are based on my own experience and the experience of my colleagues who worked under me at VIP casinos on luxurious cruise ships. Other info here is taken from other sources.

I want to thank my beautiful and talented wife, Victoria, who has developed this site. It would be impossible without her.

You can always support me with a donation if you find my content helpful. Here is my Bitcoin wallet number:


Thank you, and enjoy playing! I wish you good luck!